Definition of to one's liking in US English:

to one's liking


  • To one's taste; pleasing.

    ‘his coffee was just to his liking’
    • ‘Mix ice cream, sour cream and whipped cream together and slowly add alcohol to taste, adjusting flavoring to your liking.’
    • ‘You would have to be hard to please not to find something there to your liking.’
    • ‘The strangely quiet coffee shop, book shop and supermarket were very much to our liking.’
    • ‘She didn't find any of this amusing or to her liking.’
    • ‘Councillors are not above the law but must follow the rules like anyone else, even when the taste is not to their liking.’
    • ‘Goerg needed a lightweight comfortable rig to carry a big sixgun and found nothing available to his liking or satisfaction, so he designed his own.’
    • ‘It is now common for people to look for churches to their liking rather than those of the same denomination.’
    • ‘The video is usually wonderful, but the background music isn't always to my liking, so it's nice to be able to listen to something more to my taste.’
    • ‘This last possibility also offers the happy side effect of probably ending Martin's career as Liberal leader, clearing the way for a visionary leader more to our liking.’
    • ‘We arrive at the church too soon to my liking, but I get out of the car none the less.’