Definition of to hand in US English:

to hand


  • Within easy reach.

    ‘have a pen and paper to hand’
    • ‘After a few minutes I had the fish close to hand where I could bend down and slip out the hook.’
    • ‘Having this detailed information to hand can make it easier to find the most appropriate deal.’
    • ‘The moral is to be prepared and always have an umbrella near to hand, just in case!’
    • ‘It is quite handy to have such an instrument to hand, but foolish to make use of it at every opportunity.’
    • ‘The big bonus here is that all the fun and games of the casino are close to hand.’
    • ‘Hmm, wish I had the movie to hand so I could aim my critical blade with greater accuracy.’
    • ‘All borrowers need to do is have their membership number to hand, ready to enter using the phone keys.’
    • ‘To use these sites, consumers will need to have copies of their most recent utility bills to hand.’
    • ‘Puzzled and perplexed by all this, I went a bit further into the material to hand.’
    • ‘He invited us to sit on the toilet, the only seating that was ready to hand in his office.’
    readily available, available, handy, near at hand, within reach, accessible, ready, close, close by, near, nearby, at the ready, at one's fingertips, at one's disposal, convenient
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