Definition of to death in US English:

to death


  • 1Used of a particular action or process that results in someone's death.

    ‘he was stabbed to death’
    • ‘In the call, he told his wife that one passenger already had been stabbed to death.’
    • ‘The drama begins with the death of Melissa, whom Periander beats to death in a furious rage.’
    • ‘A postmortem revealed he had bled to death after a single stab wound to the neck severed a main artery.’
    • ‘He was then caught on a nearby roundabout where he was beaten, stabbed and axed to death.’
    • ‘If we cast our minds back many have been murdered, tortured, burned to death and persecuted.’
    • ‘This is a far cry from last year's parade where a man was stabbed to death on the route.’
    • ‘Sometimes chickens will pick out the weakest one in the flock and peck it to death.’
    • ‘He also had form, having nearly strangled Arlene to death just weeks both she disappeared.’
    • ‘A heroin addict has spoken of the moment he used a heavy wooden lamp stand to beat two men to death as they slept in his flat.’
    • ‘She did not want to be beaten to death by these people for the sake of her mother.’
    • ‘Of what use is decisive victory in battle, he asked, if we bleed to death as a result?’
    • ‘Earlier this year, trouble flared when a British teenager was stabbed to death outside a bar.’
    • ‘Another was stoned to death for trying to leave the country with a man that was not a relative.’
    • ‘Police are to swamp a town with posters in a bid to identify the brutes who battered a father to death in front of his family.’
    • ‘The apparent weapon was sarin gas, a highly toxic nerve agent that causes victims to choke to death.’
    • ‘The family of a security guard who was stabbed to death have appealed for help to find his killer.’
    • ‘A burglar is believed to have choked to death after getting his neck trapped in a window of a home he was fleeing.’
    • ‘I was sadly told the other day that a large majority of the cats had been poisoned to death.’
    • ‘Forensic experts believe they now have a DNA profile of the person who stabbed her to death.’
    • ‘Once this was done, these men were axed and clubbed to death and thrown into the pit.’
    1. 1.1 Used to emphasize the extreme nature of a specific action, feeling, or state of mind.
      ‘I'm sick to death of you’
      ‘the story scared me to death’
      • ‘However, I am sick to death of people maligning the elderly as burdens on society.’
      • ‘I am sure I am not the only person who is sick to death of the constant noise and mess.’
      • ‘Workers are sick to death of the injustice of low pay for doing vital public service jobs.’
      • ‘I'm sick to death of liberal commentators waffling on their opposition to the war.’
      • ‘I was in very good company, and managed to bore some extremely nice people to death.’
      • ‘I am sick to death of reading letters in your newspaper about how bad bus drivers are.’
      • ‘I've been sick to death of referees all season and it's people like him that lose us jobs.’
      • ‘I think he came on this stupid quest thing just so he could annoy me to death.’
      • ‘I am sick to death of people like you standing up and telling me how wrong I am.’
      • ‘Frankly, if it means being bored to death by a whining old former talent at a rally, I'd give it a miss.’
      • ‘The Functionary had a bedraggled expression, like he'd been almost licked to death.’
      • ‘No wonder they're commentating on Grand Prix, they've bored their only friends to death.’
      • ‘I had to take the karate lesson as well, didn't have any kind of plan in mind, and talked myself to death.’
      out of one's mind, to death, to tears, silly, stupid, sick
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