Definition of to date in English:

to date


  • Until now.

    ‘their finest work to date’
    • ‘Despite that though, this is one of the strongest batches of episodes produced to date.’
    • ‘With six tournaments to play, she could well make her tenth season in America her best to date.’
    • ‘We do need help from people like the council and their comments to date do give us hope that we can succeed.’
    • ‘There is depression in Wales too at the performance of their representatives to date.’
    • ‘Indeed, the crisis at Rover has been emblematic of the character of the campaign to date.’
    • ‘This will be the biggest project to date for Mr Heatherwick, who now has a studio in London.’
    • ‘The rooms are being slowly modernised, but to date it has lost none of its authenticity.’
    • ‘From the house owned by the rugby club in the town he talked of his career to date.’
    • ‘It was an error which tarnished the biggest week of the youngster's career to date.’
    • ‘With its gentle yet complex melodies and rhythms, it was hailed as her finest work to date.’
    • ‘To date, only about half of these events have been dated precisely.’
    • ‘At the other end of the age continuum, Luke Ladell had much his best game to date.’
    • ‘This is by far her toughest task to date, but she is at the right end of the handicap to prove competitive.’
    • ‘Here is a list of the pieces that have appeared to date, with the links to them.’
    • ‘They were not the first to do this, although they are certainly the most successful to date.’
    • ‘Mr Braun said he hadn't seen a fall in takings to date but feared that shoppers would be driven away.’
    • ‘It was the best effort to date and the town looked really well with the lights and tree.’
    • ‘As such, it is perhaps the most honest account of this campaign published to date.’
    • ‘The cemetery has been split into four sections and a quarter of the work has been completed to date.’
    • ‘Mr Brown said that he was satisfied with the progress that had been made to date.’
    so far, thus far, yet, as yet, up to now, up to then, till now, till then, until now, until then, as of now, up to that point, up to this point, hitherto
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