Definition of titillatingly in US English:



  • See titillating

    • ‘The bustier of their cocktail dress unravels dangerously, titillatingly close to the Muslim, Jewish and Christian religious symbols woven into it.’
    • ‘People like Peter Williamson, twice captured by American Indians in the 1750s, and Elizabeth Marsh who, seized by Moroccan corsairs, later wrote titillatingly of her encounter with an elegant Moroccan Prince.’
    • ‘I am the first to admit that Oshima Nagisa's Gohatto (1999, more literally ‘Against the Law,’ but titillatingly translated for international showings as ‘Taboo’) is a visually beautiful film.’
    • ‘Or they were collected and retold in such a way as to be more acceptable (though still titillatingly risqué and scandalous) for a non-Native audience.’