Definition of Titaness in US English:



  • 1A female Titan.

    • ‘The Lampades defended Hekate with their torches just as the Titaness herself fought in the wars of the gods.’
    • ‘The Titaness Theia bore, to her husband Hyperion, Helios, the sun, Selene, the moon and Eos, the dawn.’
    • ‘She was the Goddess of Wisdom, and the daughter of the Titaness who basically personified it.’
    • ‘From this union she bore the nine Titans and three Titanesses each of whom took a brother as husband.’
    • ‘Knowing that she begins a new tradition, LaMotte chooses to address the Mother of the Muses, Mnemosyne, ‘thou Titaness, / Thou ancient one, daughter of Heaven and Earth’ instead of Calliope, the muse of epic poetry.’
    1. 1.1titaness A female person of very great strength, intellect, or importance.
      • ‘All of this goes into the more recent nudes, a fabulous composition of brickwork titanesses limned in starry outlines surrounded by the appurtenances of beauty.’
      • ‘Here the Titaness of the midlands was hostess to her more restrained sisters of the East and West.’
      • ‘If his report had unduly favoured one of these equally matched titanesses, that was a natural consequence of their having been lovers for quite some time.’