Definition of titanate in English:



  • A salt in which the anion contains both titanium and oxygen, in particular one of the anion TiO₃²

    • ‘Multi-component catalytic systems using aryl titanates allow increased versatility in applications such as liquid molding.’
    • ‘Detector elements made of lead strontium titanate or barium strontium titanate are commonly used.’
    • ‘In the oxide state it reacts with the alkali, alkaline earth, and heavy base metals to form titanates, a few of which are being studied in conjunction with cheaper methods of production.’
    • ‘It uses a simple roller with fine blades to cut a pattern of parallel slits in a 0.1-millimetre-thick sheet of a piezoelectric ceramic material called lead zirconate titanate.’
    • ‘Consistent with the results of their computer simulation, the titanate was amorphised at relatively low ion doses, while the zirconate remained intact even at high ion irradiation doses.’


Mid 19th century: from titanium + -ate.