Definition of tip someone off in US English:

tip someone off


  • Give someone information about something, typically in a discreet or confidential way.

    ‘they were arrested after police were tipped off by local residents’
    • ‘They chat to the local fishermen who tip them off to net snags, and spend long hours poring over the charts.’
    • ‘Why are all the examples in the documentation carefully constructed to avoid tipping you off to this behaviour?’
    • ‘Like a detective, little clues will tip you off if they are lying to you.’
    • ‘One of the locals tips him off about it and he and the lads pile down for a night out.’
    • ‘We have a big catchment area, a lot of good young talent at the club already, and I'm sure we will be inundated with people tipping us off about other promising players throughout the country.’
    • ‘She had remained out of sight as ordered, until their inside information had tipped her off as to the arrival of the target.’
    • ‘Yesterday we were tipped off by a man in the village about a house that had already been searched.’
    • ‘When Macintosh tells us his snake stories have seen him banned from every dinner table in the land, he tips us off to the ideal way to view his yarns.’
    • ‘All policemen involved in the incident, including the source who tipped them off, have been under investigation by the Jakarta Police's internal affairs officers.’
    • ‘Police say they were tipped off to a suspicious package near a parking garage next to the hotel.’
    • ‘After he drove away in his own car, somebody called police and tipped them off.’
    • ‘We wouldn't detect it unless we were tipped off about where to look.’
    • ‘An informant tipped me off as to where he was seen last, and I was sure that he would still be there.’
    • ‘However, when a supervisor attempted to disseminate the information to Homeland Security, that tipped us off that something unusual was happening.’
    • ‘If her ‘subtle’ clues don't tip you off that she's a plant, you haven't watched much TV.’
    • ‘Or maybe it's just as simple as the fact you don't even have an account with that company which tips you off that this is not a legitimate request for your personal information.’
    • ‘But on the leader page, the paper lets the administration off the hook on this one, saying the information passed to the president was insufficient to tip him off about the attacks, and places the blame on the intelligence services.’
    • ‘So they had this informant befriend me and tip me off that I was being monitored.’
    • ‘The operation, code-named ‘Chameleon’ began on January 15, 2004, when police in Munich were tipped off by Turkish police about a consignment of heroin which was about to be trafficked from Turkey to Western Europe.’
    • ‘And thanks to David for tipping us off to the fact that Andy and Kevin happened to be in Paris at the same time as us.’
    warn, alert, apprise, give notice, inform, notify, tell, let someone know, make someone aware, give a warning to, give fair warning to, forewarn, put someone on guard, put someone on notice, remind
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