Definition of tip (or turn) the scales at in US English:

tip (or turn) the scales at


  • Have a weight of (a specified amount)

    ‘this phone tips the scales at only 5 ounces’
    • ‘At almost 6-5, Smith gained weight to tip the scales at 217 pounds on Friday morning.’
    • ‘The Super Black Eagle, tipping the scales at 7.5 pounds, weighs only a few ounces more than its standard 12-gauge counterpart like the M1 Field.’
    • ‘Through this regimen of exercise, diet, and sleep, it is not unusual for some wrestlers to weigh more than 150 kilograms, and a few tip the scales at 200 kilograms and higher.’
    • ‘The six-footer has been lifting weights for five years and tips the scales at 190 pounds.’
    • ‘Naomi tipped the scales at 119 kg, while Jo weighed 111 kg.’
    • ‘The girl, to be named Octavia, weighed 5lb 1oz, while her brother, Merlin, tipped the scales at 4lb 10 oz.’
    • ‘This shaves an impressive 4 oz of weight from the bantamweight pistol, which only tips the scales at 24 oz empty, with the mag.’
    • ‘He now tips the scales at perhaps one third of his full adult weight, which makes him something like one fifth of Dolly's massive bulk.’
    • ‘A month into their challenge, the pair, who between them, tipped the scales at just under half a tonne at their first weigh in, have each already lost nearly a stone.’
    • ‘He did make the weight and tipped the scales at 121 after being overweight by four pounds the day before.’