Definition of tintype in US English:



  • A photograph taken as a positive on a thin tin plate.

    • ‘Hundreds of thousands of soldiers during the Civil War had tintypes made by studio or itinerant photographers to leave as mementos with loved ones and friends or to send home by mail from the front.’
    • ‘He has also photographed Coney Island and is working on building a large camera to accommodate 20-by 24-inch tintypes.’
    • ‘Likewise, historians of photography had paid relatively little attention to tintypes as being unworthy of serious scholarly attention.’
    • ‘In the 1850s the daguerreotype gave way to a cheap hybrid, the tintype, and to a new form of negative-to-positive photography known as wet-plate or wet-collodion.’
    • ‘Upstairs was ‘Striving to be Seen,’ a survey of African American vernacular photography, including cabinet cards, cased images and tintypes as well as snapshot album pages.’