Definition of tintinnabulation in English:



  • A ringing or tinkling sound.

    • ‘The trees around them were thin and willowy, soft breezes shook their leaves and sounded like cheery tintinnabulations ringing throughout the air.’
    • ‘If you can't hear in that the tintinnabulation of heaven, then you have a J-cloth ear and a Bakelite soul.’
    • ‘The playing here instantly suggests ebullience, inspiration, and the threat of permanent tintinnabulation.’
    • ‘Inside: the mellifluous cacophony of the gaming machines, the tintinnabulations of the bells.’
    • ‘People who were further away from the Minster probably had a better chance of hearing the tintinnabulation because the sound travelled well - despite failing to reach the ears of those gathered right underneath.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin tintinnabulum tinkling bell (from tintinnare, reduplication of tinnire to ring, tinkle) + -ation.