Definition of tinseled in US English:


(British tinselled)


  • 1Decorated or adorned with tinsel.

    ‘an overly tinseled Christmas tree’
    1. 1.1 Showily or superficially attractive or glamorous.
      ‘his tinseled sentiments’
      • ‘Today it is time to reveal to all New Zealanders once and for all that the minority Labour Government is being led not by a Teflon lady but by a tinselled time-server.’
      • ‘Still, it would be nice to see the flesh and bone brethren work up something terrifically tinseled, not overblown with effects or false feelings of Feliz Navidad.’
      • ‘Smith's respect for the perpetual innocence appealed to by tinseled trinkets, hokey advertisements and commercial slogans takes her deep into our paradoxical needs and psychological insecurities.’
      • ‘The seniors file amicably on board with pockets full of quarters and wads of singles, en route to Atlantic City and its tinseled Trump casinos.’
      • ‘Through the mess of a feathered boa, a short, sequined flapper dress, platform shoes, and a tinseled wig, I was shocked to find a guy's face.’