Definition of tingle in English:



  • Experience or cause to experience a slight prickling or stinging sensation.

    [no object] ‘she was tingling with excitement’
    [with object] ‘a standing ovation that tingled your spine’
    • ‘Her body was tingling every time she could feel his touch.’
    • ‘Suddenly, Jerry's spine tingled, as a slight breeze washed over him.’
    • ‘He smiled and slowly sat up, his muscles aching and his body tingling.’
    • ‘Her blood ran ice cold, her body started tingling, and the pain came.’
    • ‘I could feel my whole body tingling with anxiety, something I'd never felt around him before, as he helped me out of the car and then into his Jeep.’
    • ‘His body was tingling, and he felt very strong and refreshed.’
    • ‘Melissa could feel her blood tingling in her body as she tried to walk away ignoring what she heard.’
    • ‘His soft cheek brushed against my skin and my whole body started tingling.’
    • ‘I knew Seth wasn't jealous or anything but my stomach tingled at the slightest possibility that he was.’
    • ‘It felt as though her entire body was tingling from it.’
    • ‘She felt the corner of her eyes prickle and her nose tingled as tiny tears slipped down her cheek, mingling with the blood.’
    • ‘Her whole body was tingling with the words he was speaking with such passion, such fierce emotions.’
    • ‘Her face was flaming but her body was still tingling with awareness.’
    • ‘My heart was about to jump out of my chest and my body was tingling.’
    • ‘And now my body was tingling again, only this time I really did feel uncomfortable.’
    • ‘His body started tingling, and a blue aura surrounded him.’
    • ‘I wasn't breathing; my whole body was tingling and trembling and I felt as though I was shaking when the ground beneath us was still.’
    • ‘My eyes drooped, my mouth tingled, and my body was numb.’
    • ‘Sitting there with my body tingling with some unknown force, a force which I have some amount of control over, is quite a rush.’
    • ‘Here I felt warm and my body was literally tingling all over from the sensation.’
    tremble, quiver, quaver, shiver, quake, twitch, wiggle, throb, shudder, pulsate, vibrate
    prickle, sting, smart, prick, itch, be itchy, be irritated, have a creeping sensation, have goose pimples, have gooseflesh, have pins and needles
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  • A slight prickling or stinging sensation.

    ‘she felt a tingle in the back of her neck’
    ‘a tingle of anticipation’
    • ‘Reading these words, this reviewer felt a tingle of joyful anticipation.’
    • ‘But if I had so much as a tingle of buyer's remorse it has faded in the face of several joyous afternoons of camera play.’
    • ‘I couldn't resist a tingle of anticipation at Chelsea's reaction.’
    • ‘The prickling on her skin had faded to a dull tingle.’
    • ‘But for some things, orderliness and logic give me an aesthetic tingle on a par with a beautifully crafted film or a garden that just works.’
    • ‘At most, such discharges may cause a slight tingle in the skin of those touching the patient at the time.’
    • ‘A tingle tugged at the back of his mind, a slight buzz that most would probably never pay any notice.’
    • ‘It's very hard to describe my feelings in the short time before the next delivery - an all-over tingle is about the best I can manage.’
    • ‘As soon as the awe subsides, slightly, the tingle in the back of my neck begins…’
    • ‘I sucked in air, feeling goosebumps and tingles erupt all over my skin.’
    • ‘There was another long pause before he continued, during which Faith felt both tingles of anticipation and dread.’
    • ‘At the moment, all she felt was a slight tingle on the surface of her skin.’
    • ‘He felt a slight tingle in his right shoulder as he made impact, but it went away in a flash.’
    • ‘Drag your hand across the pennies and feel the tingle.’
    • ‘This is a sight not often seen on concert stages around here, and it sent an extra tingle of anticipation up one's spine.’
    • ‘A slight tingle filled her hands as she held the vessel and she could feel her anxiety pass into nothingness.’
    • ‘The tiniest tingle of tension creeps between her shoulders.’
    • ‘Back then there was a tingle of anticipation: everybody had been away for the summer holidays, people looked a bit older, a bit wiser.’
    • ‘A strong cup of coffee gives me a stronger tingle.’
    • ‘She felt a stinging sensation, and then felt a warm tingle fill her.’
    tremor, wave, rush, surge, flash, flush, blaze, stab, dart, throb, tremble, quiver, shiver, flutter, shudder, vibration
    prickling, tingling, sting, stinging, smart, smarting, pricking, itch, creeping sensation, goose pimples, gooseflesh, pins and needles
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Late Middle English: perhaps a variant of tinkle. The original notion was perhaps ring in response to a loud noise but the term was very early applied to the result of hearing something shocking.