Definition of timocracy in US English:



  • 1A form of government in which possession of property is required in order to hold office.

    • ‘This happens because of the treasuries of gold that the individuals in the timocracy have.’
    • ‘Democracy and its perversion, timocracy, are both characterized by the rule of the majority, and all who have the property qualification count as equals.’
    • ‘After this, Socrates goes on to show that there are four types of regimes, listed in the order of most just to least just: aristocracy, timocracy, oligarchy, democracy and tyranny.’
    • ‘It has similar features to timocracy, but it is different to it in many ways.’
    • ‘These days we have moved on from a timocracy, but you'll still find plenty examples of the John Jay mentality here.’
  • 2A form of government in which rulers are motivated by ambition or love of honor.


Late 15th century: from Old French timocracie, via medieval Latin from Greek timokratia, from timē ‘honor, worth’ + -kratia ‘power’. timocracy (sense 1) reflects Aristotle's usage, timocracy (sense 2) Plato's.