Definition of timecard in US English:



  • A card used to record an employee's starting and quitting times, usually stamped by a time clock.

    • ‘His was the labor of a grinder, carry after carry, game alter game, season after season, always punching in that timecard, obsessed with proving not only his talent but his dependability.’
    • ‘‘Technically, they're charging me with falsification of my timecard, because I took the day I spent in jail as a sick day,’ Norr said.’
    • ‘I don't see how it is much different to punching a timecard.’
    • ‘The Jobclock system, designed exclusively for the construction trades, eliminates inaccurate or imprecise timecards.’
    • ‘Anyone who's shaved a few hours off the old timecard on a Friday afternoon knows they weren't alone when they did it.’
    • ‘Reviewing the same timecards O'Rourke found one employee worked 316.5 hours in a month for an average 79 hours a week, including 20 consecutive days of work without a day off.’
    • ‘Now with the new module we can keep a copy of every invoice and timecard, and each is available at the click of the mouse.’
    • ‘A quick review of timecards found women working over 315 hours in a month and 20 consecutive days without a day off.’
    • ‘I return to inching through everyday moments, a life of timecards and textbooks.’
    • ‘The council of health unions ordered workers to punch their timecards when they got to work Monday, December 16 to make it difficult for government authorities to victimize workers who are joining a three-day strike.’
    • ‘One timecard showed 33 hours clocked in the same day.’
    • ‘A spokesman told the New York Times that the audit was meaningless and suggested the infractions were the product of workers forgetting to punch their timecards properly.’
    • ‘It's not wireless, which means I will have to work in the upstairs office, but at least I can check e-mail and do timecards while I'm out.’
    • ‘Another course, on paperwork, teaches employees how to read, understand, and fill out standard construction forms and timecards correctly.’