Definition of time sheet in US English:

time sheet

(also timesheet)


  • A piece of paper for recording the number of hours worked.

    • ‘But the most important thing for the employee is the time sheet.’
    • ‘Each operative filled out on site on a daily basis an individual time sheet recording the chargeable hours worked and travelled on the day in question.’
    • ‘A 17-year-old clerk was given the sack, as they say in Britain, for failing to fill in a time sheet.’
    • ‘I still have nightmares about timekeeping, think to myself I haven't done a time sheet for a while, then remember it is nearly ten years since I had to!’
    • ‘The problem with filling out a time sheet is that is does not really work with a huge motivation problem!’
    • ‘With a quick growl of annoyance, she went to the back room to say hello to Betsy and fill out another segment of her time sheet.’
    • ‘At the end of the semester, students must also submit a signed time sheet that documents the hours completed.’
    • ‘However, it's Friday tomorrow and that means a time sheet is getting filled in which, when I've sent it off, means MONEY!’
    • ‘I worked 15 hours overtime and since the time sheet had a section for overtime, I filled my hours in that column.’
    • ‘I found someone to sign my time sheet (so I could get paid), went back to the classroom, gathered up my belongings and left.’
    • ‘I hurriedly packed up my things, picking up the two bags I had taken that day, signed my time sheet - giving a half-hearted wave to my boss and quickly exited the building via the huge rolling doors.’
    • ‘Now in terms of inputting your time, or writing it down on a time sheet, there are code descriptions, so you have to be able to fit the work you've done into one of those code descriptions.’
    • ‘The youth was sacked for failing to fill in a time sheet.’
    • ‘‘Klayton,’ she said, eyeing Jerry suspiciously, ‘Have you turned in your time sheet yet?’’


time sheet

/ˈtaɪm ˌʃit//ˈtīm ˌSHēt/