Definition of time of the month in US English:

time of the month


  • The time during which a woman or girl has her period; an occurrence of menstruation.

    ‘they assume that if I am upset about anything, it must be my time of the month’
    • ‘Every woman knows the story: it's that time of the month again, and you've run out of tampons.’
    • ‘I used to cringe about telling him that my time of the month was due.’
    • ‘Us girls can get really angst-y when it's our time of the month.’
    • ‘Can you imagine what your average bar or pub would be like if men had a time of the month?’
    • ‘Then my time of the month rolled around - or didn't, rather.’
    • ‘I survived about thirty-five years of it myself without calling in sick or making colossal mistakes or going postal whenever it was that time of the month.’
    • ‘Dunno, must be her time of the month or something.’
    • ‘Maybe it's my time of the month or something, but I found that quite poignant and moving.’
    • ‘Now I know how she feels when she can't get into her jeans during that time of the month.’
    • ‘I am sure any sane man who had lived with a woman for 10 years would know 1) when it's her time of the month 2) when to keep his mouth closed.’