Definition of time flies in US English:

time flies


  • Used to observe that time seems to pass very quickly.

    ‘people say time flies when you're having fun’
    ‘my daughter started school in September—oh, how time flies’
    • ‘About three years ago - ouch, time flies - I developed a celebrity crush on a sporting hero.’
    • ‘Next week is my one year anniversary of breaking up with Chris. Goodness, time flies.’
    • ‘How time flies - to me it's like yesterday since you were a teenager.’
    • ‘Time flies when you're falling in love.’
    • ‘Time flies and before you know it, Christmas will be here!’
    • ‘As the saying goes, time flies when you're having fun.’
    • ‘Time flies when you're speed dating, and by 10.30 pm, the official dating was over.’
    • ‘When I get together with my gardening friends, time flies.’
    • ‘Make the most of your leisure hours because time flies even when you're not having fun - especially if your commute is long and your workload spills into nights and weekends.’
    • ‘As I prepare to visit my doctor for my last check-up, I realize how quickly time flies.’