Definition of time exposure in US English:

time exposure


  • The exposure of photographic film for longer than the maximum normal shutter setting.

    ‘multiple time exposures at night’
    • ‘Friday's Astronomy Picture of the Day shows both the rocky core and a time exposure of the violent outgassing as the comet paints a line across the sky.’
    • ‘They will even use a Neutral Density filter as well as the time exposure to keep that small aperture open longer.’
    • ‘Long time exposure - usually one hour long - and use of artificial lights combine to create an image that does not represent what the place looked like to the human eye.’
    • ‘The second to final photo is a 5 second time exposure of two blinking objects.’
    • ‘In fact, all these dramatic images were made using extended time exposures.’
    • ‘Any time you are trying to do a time exposure, it becomes very difficult holding the button down and not making the camera tremble - especially with long exposures.’
    • ‘A night-related special effect that often appears in travel-magazine photos and is easy to mimic involves taking long time exposures of lights in motion.’
    • ‘How do you manage to judge the time exposure of each camera?’
    • ‘The mind boggles at a hand-held 10 minute time exposure!’
    • ‘We had no filters in 1906 and I could not have used one anyway, since the time exposure required was impossible with bobbing kites.’
    • ‘Photographer Patrick Kukard took this eerie picture on a 6-8 second time exposure using available light without a flash.’
    • ‘During these projections, the artist also photographed the installations themselves in time exposures lasting from three to four minutes.’
    • ‘Moss then took 10 photographs of the scene and each of them was taken under the same time exposure of three minutes.’
    • ‘So when was the last time you tried using a time exposure?’
    • ‘SLRs also have greater ranges of shutter speeds, from time exposures of any time you like, through to 1 / 4000th of a second.’
    • ‘Talk time exposure and most photographers will run away.’
    • ‘The whole secret of time exposure is to keep the camera still, and you won't do that by holding your breath, leaning against a tree and gripping the camera tightly, let me assure you.’
    • ‘In night-mode you are much more likely to get both clear and smeared images than with an ordinary time exposure.’
    • ‘The exposure details are a bit ‘hit and miss’ I'm afraid, but try taking some shots at 5 minutes time exposure.’
    • ‘Here's Harry's rule of thumb for time exposures at night.’


time exposure

/taɪm ɪkˈspoʊʒər/