Definition of time difference in US English:

time difference


  • 1The difference in standard time between places in different time zones.

    • ‘He could have called his friend Doc in New York, he explained to me, but there was a three-hour time difference and maybe the effects of the sun exploding wouldn't be so prominent on the East Coast.’
    • ‘Remembering the three-hour time difference, he dialed Karen's lab direct.’
    • ‘Although it's a long flight, there is only a three-hour time difference so they won't suffer much from jet lag.’
    • ‘So as well as adjusting to the time difference from England, there's the different rhythm to the day.’
    • ‘I was working against a three-hour time difference.’
  • 2The difference in the time at which two things happen or in how long they occur.

    • ‘In this way, Farr and Froelich were able to calculate not only the delay between an outgoing signal and its arrival back at the receiver, but the tiny time differences between its reception along the elements of the array.’
    • ‘Is there any evidence that ageing in the male is really very much different from women, apart from the time difference that they're doing it about ten years earlier?’
    • ‘But it seems that the time difference was only a couple of months, and the enterprise was planned as a comprehensive business embracing both agricultural and livery aspects.’
    • ‘But the time difference between the world championships and autumn marathons isn't that big this year.’