Definition of time clock in US English:

time clock


  • A clock with a device for recording employees' times of arrival and departure.

    • ‘Constant surveillance, time clocks, drug testing and rigid rules reinforce the workers' pervasive sense that employers do not trust them.’
    • ‘In the NHL, players don't measure their worth by punching a time clock when their work day is over.’
    • ‘I messed with the time clock and put it ahead a half an hour so I could punch it.’
    • ‘He denied the charges, pointing out that he had spoken to his supervisor and punched the time clock.’
    • ‘But at the same time, very few players seem to understand that they win money just like a worker punching a time clock.’
    • ‘We can set up an automated system taking in everything from the time clock to stock control, job tracking, costing, etc.’
    • ‘The boss installs a computer-controlled time clock.’
    • ‘Arashi stormed back to the time clock and clocked out.’
    • ‘She nodded, ‘I was just heading to the time clock right now.’’
    • ‘And when he saw that workers were arriving late and leaving early, he installed time clocks - both on the factory floor and in the business office.’
    • ‘Factory discipline, which had begun with the time clock, intensified with the introduction of assembly-line work.’
    • ‘By the late 1990s, the vast majority of contractors used time clocks.’
    • ‘And he believes when he punches the time clock and goes home, the public should mind its own business.’
    • ‘We entered through a security station where, oddly enough, there was a time clock for the workers to punch.’
    • ‘They would punch me out on the time clock, and turn off the lights, and then pull the metal door down on the shop front and I'd lock it once I got there.’
    • ‘Sometimes I feel as if I should have a punch-in time clock before I walk out on stage.’
    • ‘Walking home the three city blocks he covers them more quickly today as he hurries to be sure that he hits the time clock before the large hand jumps to three at the warehouse.’
    • ‘I had to clock in and out every day and most mornings it was a photo finish at the time clock - I'd make it just before the minute hand would bounce past the hour.’
    • ‘Ashley was in the break room where the time clock was located.’
    • ‘The absolute worst work condition we ever heard about was a 1960's factory where the owner made all workers punch out on the time clock to use the bathroom.’


time clock

/ˈtīm ˌkläk//ˈtaɪm ˌklɑk/