Definition of time and motion study in US English:

time and motion study


  • A procedure in which the efficiency of an industrial or other operation is evaluated.

    ‘a recent time and motion study shows that seven additional workers are needed’
    • ‘When troubled by his tendency to slice the ball, he hired first a still photographer and then a movie cameraman to make time-and-motion studies of his swing.’
    • ‘But many need to be estimated, either by surveying employees on how much time they think they spend on different tasks or by conducting more scientific time-and-motion studies.’
    • ‘In fact, time-and-motion studies, the development of labor standards, the calculation of variances, and the analysis of results were actually the contribution of engineers (like Taylor), not accountants.’
    • ‘Taylor's time-and-motion studies sought to determine, for example, ‘How many times a minute should a secretary be able to open and close a file drawer?’’
    • ‘The army group undertook a time-and-motion study of the most efficient way of laying mines.’
    • ‘At the same time, time-and-motion studies were undertaken to analyse and improve efficiency.’
    • ‘I say run a time-and-motion study test on them and see how they get on.’
    • ‘Vertex did time-and-motion studies on its chemists to find out how long it took to spec the supplies needed to create new molecules, give instructions to the robotic synthesizers and verify the results.’


time and motion study

/taɪm ænd/