Definition of timbered in US English:



  • 1(of a building) made wholly or partly of timber.

    ‘black-and-white timbered buildings’
    • ‘A timbered sauna which sits on stilts in the loch beside the lodge is another feature requiring attention.’
    • ‘One of them was Parliament House, a timbered building in which Charles I was believed to have held his Parliament Committee when he was in York.’
    • ‘So, there's no mill, no stream to power said mill, and no quaint hedge-rowed Brit township or timbered farm-houses for the characters to retreat into.’
    • ‘Fruit orchards, thatched cottages, timbered houses, inviting village pubs; we never realised an area I'd always thought of as ‘The Midlands’ could be so attractive.’
    • ‘Therefore, deconstruction has been largely limited to residential and old, heavily timbered commercial and institutional buildings.’
    • ‘A five-bay timbered building fronted the street through which the visitor entered a courtyard, with the house proper on the far side.’
    • ‘Inside and below on the slopes underneath are twisting cobbled streets and ancient timbered houses.’
    • ‘The timbered day lodge, scheduled to open January 1, is the perfect place for contemplating your Olympic stamina over a hot drink in front of the stone fireplace.’
    • ‘Then whilst I'm still wondering if the taxi driver's taking us somewhere quiet where our bodies may eventually be found by a dog walker, the shining lights of a timbered barn.’
    • ‘At one time members of the legal profession visiting York for the assizes would stay at a timbered building on Spurriergate.’
    • ‘The medieval ports of Lannion and Treguier are short drives away, each with picturesque timbered houses and ancient churches.’
    • ‘Chalon's winding pedestrianised streets, timbered facades, eleventh century cathedral and old market square - once the venue for thriving Middle Ages pelt fairs - could alone fill a day.’
    • ‘The timbered house is long and low, with a relatively low-pitched thatched roof.’
    • ‘However, the target of the raids was not the industrial sector but rather the historic centre of the city, consisting for the most part of timbered residential buildings.’
    • ‘One of the last photographs of him shows him in his seventeenth-century timbered cottage, resting on a sofa beside the massive open fire chimney corner.’
    • ‘It was an impressively timbered 16th century farmhouse with the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in.’
    • ‘The Villiers in question is George Villiers, the second Duke of Buckingham who is blamed for many a strange occurrence in the timbered and jetted building dating back to 1575.’
    • ‘In this timbered building at the end of Jubbergate in Newgate Market square, Lawrie's eclectic delicatessen once peddled exotic groceries from distant shores.’
    • ‘The high-set teak timbered house was filled to capacity as the 200 guests trooped upstairs, sat and knelt on the floor.’
    • ‘Its svelte, timbered chalets (each with a private balcony) are tucked into the leafy groves of Puka Park's 10 hectares of native bush.’
    1. 1.1 (of the walls or other surface of a room) covered with wooden panels.
      ‘the timbered banqueting hall’
      • ‘And I strolled through the hushed timbered halls of the Casa del Colon, or Columbus House, where he is said to have lodged during his time on the island.’
      • ‘Campbell transformed the space into a 13 th-century Florentine palace with a hand-painted timbered ceiling and leaded windows.’
      • ‘We entered off an arcade and the tearoom had no outside window, but lots of lights which lit up the very dark timbered walls.’
      • ‘He made his way, passing under the white marbled gates, and into a large finely timbered chamber.’
      • ‘The thanes made haste, marched along together until they could discern the glorious, timbered hall, adorned with gold.’
      • ‘Things quieten down a little until just before Easter when the Maundy Thursday Wine Fair takes place at an atmospheric wine hall in Ricey-Haut, under an imposing 18th century timbered roof.’
      • ‘The dining room stays the same throughout the lunar cycle - timbered and cozy, a perfect holiday ambience.’
      • ‘Several shiny timbered cupboards loomed in every corner of his room.’
      • ‘Public rooms are comfortably understated and open onto well-kept gardens, while its 20 bedrooms, some of them squeezed into extravagantly timbered loft spaces, are all cosily warm and well-equipped.’
      • ‘Here, classic regional cuisine is served in a timbered dining room with a roaring log fire.’
      • ‘They were never fond of the cramped, partitioned rooms with their low, timbered ceilings and heavy stonework, but the family quickly grew attached to the friendly neighborhood.’
      • ‘Built in a traditional lodge style, the inn offers hotel-style rooms and attractive cabins with timbered ceilings.’
      • ‘An 18th century drover's inn with bags of original character, it has big stone fireplaces which blaze with logs in winter, timbered ceilings and immensely thick stone walls.’
  • 2Having many trees; wooded.

    • ‘The cirque valley, which is heavily timbered, is deeply dissected by Portland Creek and its tributaries.’
    • ‘Flat Woods came from the even level of height of oak trees in that heavily timbered area.’
    • ‘It should ride on many a hip traveling over sagebrush covered deserts, into the foothills, through timbered areas and on to mountain tops.’
    • ‘Unlike other lynx which prefer the cold, heavily timbered northern forests, the bobcat lives in all habitats except in metropolitan areas, even swampy woods and deserts where there is water.’
    • ‘On the battlefield, soldiers found small pockets of resistance as they explored the abandoned camp and timbered slopes.’
    • ‘Others believe the reason was that the settlers had to cross through the timbered lands on their way west.’
    • ‘Approximately one-third of the tract is timbered with ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine, and Douglas fir; the rest is Camas prairie.’
    • ‘But you don't need to head into the heart of the wilderness area to find places fertile and closely timbered.’
    • ‘Pine voles inhabit timbered areas, preferring a subterranean life in the soil.’
    • ‘The route is sparsely populated, if at all, with mostly timbered peaks giving way to an occasional high mountain lake.’
    • ‘The timbered area that I hunt contains a mix of White Oak, Hickory, and Walnut trees.’
    • ‘Soon the landscape alters from timbered hillside to open grassland and wildflowers.’
    • ‘By philosophy and training, foresters are optimistic about our ability to manage timbered ecosystems with beneficial results.’
    • ‘On up the Sweetwater they progressed, timbered mountains miles off on their left, bare-granite rocks rising close and steep on their right.’
    • ‘Hours later, the howling of wolves, augmented by the valley and echoing off the steep, timbered slopes, woke me from a dreamless sleep.’
    • ‘Groundhogs prefer to live where timbered areas are bordered by open land or along fence rows and heavily vegetated gullies or stream banks.’
    • ‘This practice was impossible in Australia and particularly on Yorke Peninsula which was heavily timbered with mallee.’
    • ‘Using reversible jackets - green for timbered areas and white for snow - troops blended in with their surroundings.’
    • ‘However, many species inhabit timbered country, with abundant food and regular rainfall.’
    • ‘Although no crops could be grown without irrigation, officials still considered such land timbered and would not allow it.’
    forested, afforested, tree-covered, woody
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