Definition of tilth in US English:



  • 1Cultivation of land; tillage.

    1. 1.1in singular The condition of tilled soil, especially in respect to suitability for sowing seeds.
      ‘he could determine whether the soil was of the right tilth’
      • ‘Crop residue has a nutrient value and will catch snow, reduce evaporation, increase infiltration, and improve soil tilth.’
      • ‘Good soil tilth is still a prerequisite for effective one-pass incorporation.’
      • ‘Some of the claims being made for gypsum include: improving high pH soils by lowering pH; increasing the ratio of calcium to magnesium; and improving soil tilth and permeability.’
      • ‘Peter's whole farm is like a research farm where he tries different cover crops and studies their effect on insect populations as well as the tilth of his soil.’
      • ‘They reduce soil erosion, improve soil tilth, help reduce pesticide use, and enhance agricultural profitability.’
      • ‘Continuous cropping on these soils has meant declining organic matter and tilth, and increased susceptibility to drought and other adverse conditions such as erosion.’
      • ‘Historically, when forages were part of the rotation, crop rotations positively affected nutrient release and improved tilth.’
      • ‘Heavy repeated applications of manure and/or sludge increase soil fertility and enhance the tilth of minesoils.’
      • ‘Putting carbon in the soil improves tilth, soil structure, nutrient retention, rooting depth and stability.’
      • ‘Rotating corn with forages on minesoils is encouraged because soil tilth rapidly improves with forage cover.’
      • ‘This organic matter helps to maintain good tilth, helps to hold moisture, and acts as a storehouse for plant nutrients.’
      • ‘Intense ultraviolet radiation, especially at higher elevations, damages soil tilth.’
      • ‘It is glomalin that gives soil its tilth - a subtle texture that enables experienced farmers and gardeners to judge great soil by feeling the smooth granules as they flow through their fingers.’
      • ‘Prior to planting, remove all perennial weeds and till in a 1- to 2-inch layer of compost, applying it more liberally where soil tilth or fertility are less than optimum.’
      • ‘This he mows and lets decay, allowing the organic matter to break down, improving tilth.’
    2. 1.2 Prepared surface soil.
      • ‘Rake soil first to a fine tilth and don't forget to label the rows.’
      • ‘This is a good time to put some effort into the less glamorous side of gardening, although creating the perfect tilth can be rewarding in itself.’
      • ‘Gypsum is inexpensive so use as much as you need to loosen up your tilth.’
      • ‘Usually, a pass is made with a rolling cultivator to bust up the clods and make for a finer tilth.’
      • ‘Since the tilth isn't terribly fine the crops will be those which don't mind a few lumps and bumps - potatoes, beans, peas and courgette mostly.’
      • ‘With the ground raked to a final tilth, and working from boards on the turf side of the job (so as not to walk on the newly-prepared ground), the turfs are rolled out and butted together as tightly as possible.’
      • ‘So you'll be out in the garden with a spade for the rest of the day, working up a fine tilth, or whatever?’
      • ‘When the jungle was cleared out back and laid to turf I told the blokes to rotavate all the bulbs into the tilth and let them take their chances.’
      • ‘In general, the same seed bed preparations are recommended for velvet bean as for maize, but a fine tilth is not essential.’
      • ‘The gap created by the jagged edge which is now further into the lawn should be filled with garden soil, sifted to a fine tilth.’
      • ‘Prepare the ground by digging in plenty of organic matter, work this into a fine tilth, level it, and lay out your plants.’
      • ‘Select a sheltered, well-lit spot with a well-drained soil and dig over the earth to remove all weeds, before raking the surface to establish a fine, level tilth.’
      • ‘The land should be well ploughed to the depth of 15 cm to 20 cm, and harrowed to provide reasonable tilth and good ridges.’
      • ‘The soil has to be either specifically-designed seed-raising mix when growing them in pots or punnets, or a well-worked, light, fertile tilth when growing in garden beds.’


Old English tilth, tilthe, from tilian (see till).