Definition of tikka in US English:



  • usually with modifier An Indian dish of small pieces of meat or vegetables marinated in a spice mixture.

    ‘lamb tikka’
    • ‘Brett cooked a lovely lamb tikka masala for dinner and our Christmas began.’
    • ‘He had chicken tikka massala and I had rogan josh with Bombay duck; instead of wine, we had beer.’
    • ‘My recipe for today is for chicken tikka, not to be confused with chicken tikka masala.’
    • ‘The five meals tested were cheese and tomato pizza, chicken tikka masala, steak and kidney pie, quiche lorraine and beef lasagne.’
    • ‘Chicken tikka masala has replaced roast beef and Yorkshire pudding as the country's favourite dish.’
    • ‘It once won a national award for its chicken tikka masala.’
    • ‘In much the same way as chicken tikka masala suddenly appeared on every Indian takeaway menu, so it was with certain items in fish and chip shops.’
    • ‘Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, tandoori chicken, prawns and mushrooms were dotted around a thick curry sauce that also featured fresh fried garlic, onions, green peppers and medium spices.’
    • ‘They have invented a repertoire of dishes such as tikka masala that you will only find in the UK.’
    • ‘I went for the Tandoori Night Special - a mix of Balti chicken and meat tikka, cooked with prawns.’
    • ‘These days, chicken tikka masala and rogan josh are as much a part of British life as fish and chips.’
    • ‘A slick of oil sits on top of our national dish, the chicken tikka masala.’
    • ‘The price of the meals was just under £6 and consisted of one chicken korma, one chicken tikka, two naan breads, two onion bhajis and two generous servings of pilau rice.’
    • ‘The UK's favourite food has changed from fish and chips to chicken tikka masala - an Anglo-Indian hybrid.’
    • ‘Today chicken tikka masala is said to be the most popular dish in ye olde England.’
    • ‘Chatting over Indian samosas and chicken tikka, she seems candid, confident, light-hearted and completely disarming.’
    • ‘Cabin staff claimed it was coincidence that the dish of the day was chicken tikka masala.’
    • ‘I've just opened four books on food and wine matching at random to see what they recommend with chicken tikka masala, allegedly the UK's favourite dish.’
    • ‘Statistics show Britain's favourite foods include beef lasagne, chicken tikka masala and pizza.’
    • ‘Going for chicken tikka masala, I was rewarded with deliciously cooked meat in a sauce full of flavour and fresh vegetables.’


From Punjabi ṭikkā.