Definition of tignon in US English:



  • A piece of cloth worn as a turban headdress by Creole women from Louisiana.

    • ‘His law decreed that they must wear scarves (tignons) on their heads when they were out in public.’
    • ‘In response, Creole women used their sense of style to devise elaborate tignons or head wraps, which emphasized their attractiveness.’
    • ‘The woman wore a tignon of brightly colored madras cotton and a dark kersey shawl over a long dress of coarse linen.’
    • ‘These women fought the new restriction by wearing elaborately designed and brilliantly colored tignons.’
    • ‘Women of color, wearing distinctive head wraps called tignons, sold pralines, coffee with chicory, and brown ginger cakes.’


Louisana French, from French tigne, dialect variant of teigne ‘moth’.