Definition of tightly in US English:



  • 1Closely and firmly.

    ‘my hand gripped tightly onto the knife’
    ‘my eyes were tightly shut’
    ‘a tightly sealed container’
    • ‘Check boxes and lids to ensure they're still tightly sealed.’
    • ‘Carefully shake off excess moisture and pack tightly in a strong box.’
    • ‘Very little odor will be released from tightly covered storage structures.’
    • ‘The aphid feeds within the whorl of the upper leaves, causing the leaf to remain tightly rolled.’
    • ‘The floors are locally quarried slate, hand-cut to fit tightly together in random patterns.’
    1. 1.1 With very firm or strict control.
      ‘the government tightly controlled the movement of money’
      ‘public companies are tightly regulated’
      • ‘Should science be controlled more tightly?’
      • ‘All minerals are regulated very tightly in the blood.’
      • ‘The idea was to test his exchange rate hypothesis in a tightly specified model.’
      • ‘How apt that such a rigorous game as chess would play a role in this tightly controlled home.’
      • ‘The author's study is more tightly restricted to a single saint, John the Evangelist.’
    2. 1.2 In a disciplined or well coordinated manner.
      ‘tightly choreographed dance moves’
      ‘tightly reasoned arguments’
      • ‘The San Francisco firm cut its campus housing teeth on a pair of tightly budgeted graduate residences at the university.’
      • ‘It is useful to have such an overview in one volume, though I regret it was not more tightly edited.’
      • ‘The painting is tightly designed, with an emphasis on line and a pale, fresco-like surface.’
      • ‘Their design process was tightly coordinated with construction management, including repeated cost estimates and subsequent adjustments.’
      • ‘Legumes generally grow for some time past the corn harvest, and can take land away from the tightly scheduled sequential cropping typical of Asian agriculture.’