Definition of tiger beetle in US English:

tiger beetle


  • A fast-running predatory beetle which has spotted or striped wing cases and flies in sunshine. The larvae live in tunnels from which they snatch passing insect prey.

    Family Cicindelidae: Cicindela and other genera

    • ‘It is unclear why the chiasmatic systems in other Coleoptera are evolutionarily less stable than the achiasmatic system in tiger beetles.’
    • ‘As an adult, the tiger beetle is one of the top insect predators on the beach.’
    • ‘Wilson briefly described a ‘waiting game’ between tiger beetles and their prey in which prey stopped moving when approached by the beetles.’
    • ‘The Ohlone tiger beetle, an insect that exists only in Santa Cruz County, California, received final protection as an endangered species on October 3.’
    • ‘This tiger beetle, a common element of the forest fauna, is one of the largest in Trinidad.’


tiger beetle

/ˈtīɡər ˈbēdl/