Definition of tiered in US English:



  • 1Having a series of rows or levels placed one above the other.

    ‘a theater with tiered seating’
    in combination ‘a four-tiered wedding cake’
    • ‘The tiered seating is protected with a cantilevered roof structure that hovers over the stadium.’
    • ‘It's kind of an open concept, like a half covered, tiered, outdoor auditorium.’
    • ‘The cutting-edge design includes a roof planted with the fleshy leaved plant, Sedum, above a three tiered building with large windows.’
    • ‘A stone altar stands in front of the tiered platform that bears the icon.’
    • ‘The stadium hastiered seats linked by stairways, beneath which lurk shadowy corridors.’
    • ‘The house is surrounded by landscaped tiered gardens with panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.’
    1. 1.1 (of a garment) having a number of successively overlapping ruffles or flounces.
      ‘a tiered skirt’
      • ‘Mixed with softer, more feminine elements, such as tiered cotton skirts and frilled shirts, this look is extremely wearable.’
      • ‘Alongside the tiered gypsy skirt, the kaftan is running neck-and-neck as the most evocative and most available fashion item of the year.’
      • ‘The model strutted down the catwalk in halter-topped jumpsuit with tiered ruffles running down the legs.’
      • ‘Looking at a tiered floral chiffon dress, Kelly says, just as with wedding dresses, prom styles don't change drastically from year to year.’
      • ‘They look great with tiered skirts, jeans and floor sweeping denim skirts.’
    2. 1.2 Having a number of levels or grades within the hierarchy of an organization or system.
      ‘a tiered pricing system’
      in combination ‘a two-tiered pay structure’
      • ‘The bank provides tiered returns in the hope of encouraging the children to save more.’
      • ‘This function controls tiered storage, which migrates data to different storage targets depending on characteristics.’
      • ‘Our society is very much tiered. We are not equal.’
      • ‘The thirty-something single player tiered mission structure provides plenty of play.’
      • ‘Should we have a two tiered system of minimum wages?’
      • ‘The purchase tax is tiered from 9 to 13 per cent.’