Definition of tie tack in US English:

tie tack

(also tie tac)


  • A short pin with an ornamental head, used to attach the ends of a necktie to a shirt front.

    • ‘One year for Papa's birthday I commissioned a gold tie tack to be made for him that was crafted from a photo of Brandy's face.’
    • ‘You mention looking at them in the box and thinking ‘thirteen tie tacks and no neckties.’’
    • ‘One of my young boys came up to me after the spring recital and proudly showed me his MTNA Achievement Award Pin, placed on his tie as a tie tack!’
    • ‘It was Danny's favorite, a green suit coat and black slacks with a freshly ironed white shirt, a dark green tie and even a little gold tie tack.’
    • ‘A brooch to mark 15 or more years of service went to Mrs Hutchinson, with a tie tack for Lt Col Harold Washington.’
    • ‘Defensive tackles sometimes are treated like tie tacks - accessories, not necessities.’