Definition of tie something in (or tie in) in US English:

tie something in (or tie in)

phrasal verb

  • Cause something to fit or harmonize with something else (or fit or harmonize with something)

    ‘her husband is able to tie in his shifts with hers at the hospital’
    ‘she may have developed ideas that don't necessarily tie in with mine’
    • ‘He has an interesting piece on the affair at History News Network, and ties it in to broader issues having to do with politics and the academy.’
    • ‘Anyone who ties it in with football is deluding themselves.’
    • ‘In Orkney it is tying a strength in archaeology to that subject's importance to local tourism.’
    be consistent, tally, correlate, agree, be in agreement, accord, concur, coincide, conform, fit in, harmonize, be in tune, dovetail
    fit in, harmonize, dovetail, match, mirror, make something consistent, make something correspond, make something tally, make something correlate, make something agree, make something accord, make something coincide, make something conform
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