Definition of tie someone down in English:

tie someone down

phrasal verb

  • Restrict someone to a particular situation or place.

    ‘she didn't want to be tied down by a full-time job’
    • ‘I have this thing where something has to be tying me down.’
    • ‘Nothing's tying me down to Brisbane whatsoever, not since I broke up with Em, I can just take all of my money and get out of here.’
    • ‘We're going to give up some of the trappings of life that have tied us down.’
    • ‘I started to think about my dreams wasting away to nothing, and how he was tying me down.’
    • ‘You promised me I would be able to travel abroad before you tied me down.’
    • ‘She keeps saying she's not going to ruin his life by tying him down with a baby.’
    • ‘That is, until Nicole came along and tied him down.’
    • ‘Having a romantic interest will not make you weak nor tie you down.’
    • ‘Yeah, I need to pursue this and I can't do that with a job tying me down.’
    • ‘She doesn't want any contracts tying her down, and save for the controlling boyfriend who seems to be pulling all the strings and never leaves her side, she is fiercely independent.’