Definition of tie one on in US English:

tie one on


North American
  • Get drunk.

    • ‘The smart thing to do is to control your drinking and if you have to tie one on, do it on your dime, after the party.’
    • ‘He must have really tied one on last night, though he couldn't remember the details.’
    • ‘I really must have tied one on, he thought groggily.’
    • ‘I don't drink but I feel like I tied one on the previous night.’
    • ‘Not every night is a great night for tying one on and staying out till dawn.’
    • ‘I guess Eddie really tied one on over the holidays.’
    • ‘Well, we were sitting in the lounge ‘tying one on’ as they say in some places and who should enter the lounge?’
    • ‘Debbie ties one on with Jennifer, all in the name of life coaching.’
    • ‘And to answer your question, no, I didn't tie one on last night’
    • ‘They probably stayed too long at the bar - I'd seen them both tie one on more than once.’