Definition of tidiness in US English:



  • 1The state or quality of being arranged neatly and in order.

    ‘the tidiness of my workspace is frequently noted by others’
    ‘people commented on the general tidiness of the town’
    ‘the CEO preferred clear reporting lines and administrative tidiness’
    • ‘This didn't have the tidiness of the first book; like real life, it had too many loose ends and uncertainty.’
    • ‘People were trained on important matter such as shop layout, tidiness and product display.’
    • ‘Adults often have a double standard, accepting a level of chaos in their own room or desk, while nagging a child to keep to an unrealistic level of tidiness.’
    • ‘You can install the hard drives with cables facing in or out - I faced mine in for tidiness.’
    • ‘Nature's whole premise is to question the tidiness of classification.’
    • ‘They should be made aware of their responsibilities concerning the cleanliness and tidiness of their room.’
    • ‘The key to tidiness is efficient storage.’
    1. 1.1 Inclination to keep things or one's appearance neat and in order.
      ‘Leonard is obsessed with tidiness and routine’
      ‘he was noted for his immaculate tidiness’
      • ‘My tidiness and house-proud habits are renowned.’
      • ‘Someone with anorexia may be mildly obsessive and tend towards tidiness.’
      • ‘She deliberately pokes fun at my tidiness and excessive organizational skills.’
      • ‘He was noted for his immaculate tidiness and rather ascetic, priestly air.’
      • ‘Her lack of enthusiasm was matched only by her lack of tidiness, as she clumsily searched through the devastation of her messy bedroom.’