Definition of tidal farm in US English:

tidal farm


  • An installation of turbines used to generate electricity from tidal forces.

    • ‘It takes 20 to 30 years to establish a new form of energy, so we need to tackle the building of tidal farms with the same urgency and determination shown by Churchill in the last war.’
    • ‘As with the wind farm, the structures are anchored to the ocean or river bed, and an underground cable would connect the tidal farm to the onshore electrical grid.’
    • ‘This would be the 3rd phase of their ‘Blue Concept’ project and would result in a tidal farm that would produce 10MW of renewable electricity.’
    • ‘The company's medium term plans include a 10MW tidal farm to be installed within the next three years.’
    • ‘These platforms run the gamut from wind turbines to tidal farms in the ocean to solar energy and beyond.’
    • ‘With time and sufficient encouragement, sizable wave and tidal farms could be in place by the next decade.’
    • ‘The company describes the technology for the proposed tidal farm as emerging and not yet commercially available.’
    • ‘OpenHydro's core business is the design and manufacture of turbines for deployment in tidal farms throughout the world's oceans.’
    • ‘The small company is also working on more ambitious plans to develop tidal farms off the west coast of England and Wales.’
    • ‘If the Strangford Lough trial is successful, the first commercial tidal farm is expected to be operating within five years.’
    • ‘Other areas of the world have installed several tidal farms in the last several years.’
    • ‘Once built, tidal farms and fences are fairly easy to maintain and, unlike power plants fired by natural gas, obviously have no ongoing fuel costs.’
    • ‘The Bristol-based company said one tidal farm could provide between 10 to 15% of Anglesey's energy needs.’
    • ‘It beggars belief that with the urgent need for alternative power that private industry has not built several wave and tidal farms with the devices already working.’
    • ‘We may take equity stakes in tidal farms, but our core competence is in manufacturing and supplying the turbines.’
    • ‘We also are leading developers of systems to install cables in the sea for offshore wind, wave and tidal farms.’
    • ‘With one turbine at a good location able to produce enough clean energy to power 600 homes, a tidal farm with hundreds of turbines could light a small city, the company believes.’
    • ‘To this end, a tidal farm should also have individual coding with respect to global positioning to aid the authorities.’
    • ‘The first experimental tidal farm, to be launched in 2007, will yield just 5MW at first, enough for around 10,000 homes.’
    • ‘EDF Energy hopes that the tidal device will prove viable and eventually plan to build a tidal farm with up to 30 turbines.’