Definition of ticker tape in US English:

ticker tape


  • 1A paper strip on which messages are recorded in a telegraphic tape machine.

    • ‘England flags, red and white ticker tape and celebratory chants accompanied the three buses as they made their way from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square where they were greeted by a deafening rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot.’
    • ‘The directives come like ticker tape - do this, do that.’
    • ‘The ticker tape is continuously updated in real time as prices drop.’
    • ‘I liked the Bull and Bear bar, with its NYSE ticker tape running across the ceiling (so stockbrokers can lose money and drown their sorrows at the same time), and that spectacular entrance lobby.’
    • ‘Although ticker tape is a thing of the past, office workers went to their shredders and soon shredded paper fluttered from windows on to the marchers.’
    • ‘Maybe fund managers should keep their eyes on the bottom line - and not on the ticker tape.’
    • ‘To facilitate price reporting, the consolidated ticker tape was established in 1975.’
    • ‘And just so we'll know exactly who's buying us out, Trump calls for a sort of national ticker tape listing the identities of donors and the amounts of their bids.’
    • ‘If this continues we will soon see a ticker tape running along the bottom of the screen when we watch televised golf, urging us to call a toll free number if we spot any rules infraction!’
    • ‘Politicians appear on a CNN-like cable network, with ticker tape headlines at the bottom of the television screen passing on their lies and banalities without criticism.’
    • ‘Hence, a ticker tape automatically records each transaction that occurs on the exchange floor, including trading volume, onto a narrow strip of paper, or tape.’
    • ‘Only this time, I had a different focus, and questions were running through my mind like ticker tape on Wall Street.’
    • ‘Once both parties are found, the exchange records the transaction on its ticker tape, and an exchange of money and securities between the parties occurs on settlement.’
    1. 1.1as modifier Denoting a parade or other event in which ticker tape or similar material is thrown from windows.
      ‘he got a ticker-tape welcome in New York’
      • ‘Gibson won Wimbledon and a ticker-tape parade was held in her honor in New York.’
      • ‘But hidden beyond the ticker tape and olive wreaths, at a small hotel near the American College of Greece, is an athlete who exemplifies the Olympic spirit.’
      • ‘Amid drifts of ticker tape thrown by fans, Jackson and cast members were besieged by crowds 10 deep as they made their way up the 470 metre-long red carpet to the theatre.’
      • ‘They flew out of Australia and returned to a ticker tape welcome through the streets of Waugh's own Sydney.’
      • ‘Chicago has not hosted a baseball World Series ticker-tape parade since 1917, but that may change if things continue to go well for the White Sox.’
      • ‘After winning the two British tournaments, he'd come home to a ticker-tape parade in New York.’
      • ‘The Olympians were loaded onto a convoy of buses for a ticker-tape parade through Greater Johannesburg Metro.’
      • ‘They are overseas and they will be there for 3 years saving some money for that ticker-tape parade.’
      • ‘Bring on President Bush and Mayor Giuliani, the television cameras and the ticker-tape parade!’
      • ‘But I just don't think a ticker-tape parade is appropriate.’
      • ‘It was New York celebrity coverage, ticker tape kind of coverage.’
      • ‘Some of the older ones, however, like to remember periods when scoring a goal wasn't worthy of a ticker-tape parade down Union Street.’
      • ‘That thought must have dimmed again by the time the Anfielder's were showered in victory ticker tape.’
      • ‘Some office person unwound one of the spools of tape to record messages on the ticker tape and others followed their example and in minutes the New York ticker tape welcome was born.’
      • ‘Americans like their wars to have clean endings, with ticker-tape parades and a memorial on the Mall in Washington.’
      • ‘Ian Hogg's Caesar is a vain, strutting figure delighting in his ticker-tape parades.’
      • ‘The three-month campaign culminated in a November celebration where 14,000 teachers were fêted at a ticker-tape parade at Times Square.’
      • ‘So it's a little bit like the ticker-tape procession we have today.’
      • ‘She won two more Grand Slams in each of the following two seasons, being afforded the rare privilege of a ticker-tape parade in New York.’
      • ‘So she thought the way that the exhibits were presented - well, you saw some of the almost ticker tape descriptions of what was happening, the videos everywhere.’


ticker tape

/ˈtikər tāp//ˈtɪkər teɪp/