Definition of tick trefoil in US English:

tick trefoil


  • A leguminous North American plant, the pods of which break up into one-seeded sectios that adhere to clothing, animals' fur, etc.

    Genus Desmodium, family Leguminosae: several species

    • ‘There are 17 species of tick trefoil in New Jersey and they all share the flat, triangular seed that sticks like a tick.’
    • ‘Plants indicative of disturbed ground include tick trefoil and black-seeded plantain.’
    • ‘It felt sort of like home except that dotted among the tick trefoils and geums were beautiful yellow oncidium orchids in full bloom.’
    • ‘As is typical of legumes, nitrogen-fixing bacteria exist in a symbiotic relationship with the tick trefoil.’
    • ‘Sessile-leaved tick trefoil is believed to be extinct in Connecticut.’