Definition of tic douloureux in US English:

tic douloureux


  • another term for trigeminal neuralgia
    • ‘It will give relief for tic douloureux with active circulation to the head.’
    • ‘A California dentist reports the successful treatment of tic douloureux, an intensely painful affliction of the trigeminal nerve, which produces pain in the face.’
    • ‘The majority of patients with tic douloureux are successfully treated by pharmacotherapy.’
    • ‘In 1756, a French physician, Nicholas Andre, named this condition tic douloureux, which means painful wince.’
    • ‘Tic douloureux is among the most excruciating of pain syndromes seen in office practice.’


Early 19th century: French, literally ‘painful tic’.


tic douloureux

/ˌtik ˌdo͞oləˈro͞o/