Definition of tibialis in US English:



  • Any of several muscles and tendons in the calf of the leg concerned with movements of the foot.

    • ‘Jogging works both aspects of the calf muscle on the push-off and hammers the tibialis anterior (shin muscle) as the leg decelerates at landing.’
    • ‘Several months after transplantation the tibialis anterior was injured by an injection.’
    • ‘My quads and calves were relatively large before I stepped into the gym with Stu, but my hamstrings and the tibialis muscles at the front of my shins have caught up, making my legs look beefier and more powerful.’
    • ‘The tibialis anterior is particularly important for this action during walking: ‘footdrop’ is the consequence of damage to its nerve supply.’
    • ‘Dancers with posterior tibialis tendinitis, which is linked to pronating feet, can still learn new choreography.’
    • ‘The function of your tibialis is to pull your feet toward your shins.’


Late 19th century: from Latin, ‘relating to the shin bone’.