Definition of Tibetan mastiff in US English:

Tibetan mastiff


  • An animal of a breed of large black-and-tan dog with a thick coat and drop ears.

    • ‘In order to turbocharge the Akita's aggressiveness, it was crossbred with Tibetan mastiffs and Great Danes.’
    • ‘A fearsome Tibetan mastiff stands guard outside a dwelling while a smaller dog is ready to sound the alarm indoors if anyone is clever enough or lucky enough to slip past the mastiff.’
    • ‘In the dog shows in Delhi, the Tibetan mastiff, the Lhasa Apso and the Rampur hound are, very often, the stars.’
    • ‘The first Tibetan Mastiff Club of America (TMCA) was founded in 1974, and is one of the oldest clubs for the Tibetan Mastiff in America.’
    • ‘Some experts believe both dogs may be descended from the Tibetan mastiff, which is often recognized as one of the most ancient dog breeds.’