Definition of thyrotropin-releasing hormone in US English:

thyrotropin-releasing hormone

(also thyrotropin-releasing factor)


  • A hormone secreted by the hypothalamus which stimulates release of thyrotropin.

    • ‘Suckling, stress, dehydration, exercise, sexual intercourse and sleep increase the basal secretion rate from the pituitary gland, as do estrogen, thyrotropin-releasing hormone and possibly serotonin.’
    • ‘In patients with primary hypothyroidism, there is increased production of thyrotropin-releasing hormone, which may stimulate prolactin release.’
    • ‘Low levels of thyroid hormone result in increased levels of the thyrotropin-releasing hormone, which increases prolactin secretion.’
    • ‘Secretion of TSH (also called thyrotropin), the final member of the glycoprotein hormone family, is stimulated by thyrotropin-releasing hormone, TRH from the hypothalamus.’
    • ‘The thyrotropin-releasing hormone level is another test of thyroid function.’