Definition of thyrotropin in US English:


(also thyrotrophin)


  • A hormone secreted by the pituitary gland which regulates the production of thyroid hormones.

    • ‘Anterior pituitary function was investigated in five patients using glucagon, thyrotrophin releasing hormone, and gonadotrophin releasing hormone challenge.’
    • ‘Of these, eight had been treated with thyroxine for an abnormal test result for thyrotrophin releasing hormone, and all considered their menstrual loss to have returned to normal.’
    • ‘The response to thyroxine in patients with positive autoantibodies or abnormal thyrotrophin releasing hormone responses did not differ from that in other participants; numbers were too small for detailed analysis.’
    • ‘The evaluation of erectile dysfunction includes a sexual history, a genital examination, a serum testosterone level, and prolactin and thyrotropin levels.’
    • ‘Some investigators have claimed that lead affects both peripheral thyroid hormone levels and basal and stimulated thyrotrophin levels in lead-exposed males.’