Definition of thyroidectomy in US English:


nounPlural thyroidectomies

  • Removal of the thyroid gland by surgery.

    • ‘Between July 2001 and July 2002, 60 patients undergoing thyroidectomy at a hospital in Mexico were randomly assigned to one of two groups.’
    • ‘Treatment prognosis is mixed with thyroidectomy usually recommended with subsequent lifelong obligatory thyroid replacement therapy.’
    • ‘A right thyroidectomy was subsequently performed.’
    • ‘After a couple of weeks it transpired that decisions had been taken for Lennie to undergo mitral valve surgery and a thyroidectomy.’
    • ‘The patient received palliative radiation to the neck and systemic chemotherapy, but she died of widely metastatic disease approximately 2 years after the thyroidectomy.’
    • ‘A 72-year-old woman with a multinodular enlargement of the thyroid gland underwent a subtotal bilateral thyroidectomy because of a progressive tracheal compression.’