Definition of thymic in US English:



  • Relating to the thymus gland or its functions.

    ‘decline in thymic activity associated with age’
    • ‘In addition to the alveolar epithelial cells, host immune cells located outside the lung, such as splenic and thymic cells, undergo apoptosis during influenza infections.’
    • ‘Final diagnoses included one bronchogenic cyst and one combined bronchogenic cyst and thymic hyperplasia.’
    • ‘Routine sections revealed normal thymic tissue with fatty involution and no evidence of tumor.’
    • ‘In addition, thymic atrophy occurs secondary to decreased thymic hormone secretion, which leads to decreased T-lymphocyte production.’
    • ‘Progressive growth of a spontaneous T cell lymphoma, designated as Dalton's lymphoma, causes suppression of immune responses and thymic atrophy.’