Definition of thunderstruck in US English:



  • Extremely surprised or shocked.

    ‘they were thunderstruck by this revelation’
    • ‘I stood there for a moment rather thunderstruck and asked, ‘Do you mean to tell me you've never seen a rotary dial telephone?’’
    • ‘I sat there for a few seconds, staring thunderstruck at the blotchy, indistinguishable patches on my page that had once represented words, and very important ones at that.’
    • ‘After 14 years of regular travel to Brazil, Andrew Odell was thunderstruck by what he found there on a trip last month.’
    • ‘Prim, proper and oh so reserved, Broadbent's Gilbert is prickly to be sure but he well conveys the thunderstruck quality of when inspiration hits.’
    • ‘I stood there in shock, thunderstruck, trying to remember what I was supposed to do.’
    • ‘So, today, I had a thunderstruck few minutes when I entered the bookshop, comprehending just how much chaff has been created by Dan Brown's bloody book.’
    • ‘The group halted, thunderstruck, in the doorway, all five mouths hanging open in horror.’
    • ‘The class was thunderstruck to witness such an unexpected show of raw emotion.’
    • ‘This time it was Mick and Alan's turn to be thunderstruck.’
    • ‘We were all thunderstruck by that brazen manipulation of the truth.’
    • ‘Virginia looked around at all of the faces staring back at her, some thunderstruck, others glowering.’
    • ‘His name is Will, a chef who has abandoned the restaurant for the building trade, and Liza is still a little thunderstruck at such evidence of happiness.’
    • ‘Karen was totally thunderstruck at her husband's attitude.’
    • ‘If I had been speechless before, I was totally thunderstruck now.’
    • ‘But the Corinthian women's thunderstruck responses to their sister's havoc is an element integral to the play, a brake which slows and accentuates the impending tragedy.’
    • ‘The owner, standing a few metres away, was looking utterly thunderstruck and was had dropped her keys and bag in shock.’
    • ‘Many Conservatives will be thunderstruck by what they accomplished yesterday; some, even among those who did the deed, will be ashamed.’
    • ‘Sure enough, in the middle of dinner, Mary looked across the table at me, suddenly thunderstruck.’
    • ‘Ryder, who was pouring more tea, looked thunderstruck.’
    • ‘Far too often of late, thunderstruck Democrats have obligingly laid down to be rolled over.’
    astonished, astounded, amazed, nonplussed, taken aback, startled, bewildered, stunned, flabbergasted, staggered, shocked, shell-shocked, stupefied, open-mouthed, dumbfounded, dumbstruck, speechless, at a loss for words, dazed, benumbed, perplexed, confounded, agape, goggle-eyed, wide-eyed, dismayed, disconcerted, jolted, shaken up
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