Definition of thumping in English:



  • 1Pounding; throbbing.

    ‘the thumping beat of her heart’
    • ‘Tom brought her so close he could feel her thumping heart.’
    • ‘The hook is infectious and ridiculous, all about thumping bass, banging drum lines and blowing you away.’
    • ‘Every single music selection had a thumping beat that irritated me immensely - a sure sign that kids will groove on the music.’
    • ‘There is just something so infectious about the broken beat and the thumping melodic bass of Garage.’
    • ‘Forget your thumping nightclubs - on this island, tavernas, restaurants and a few local bars provide the nightlife.’
    • ‘Instead of having an album full of thumping industrial hits, it is dispersed with bland fraternal ballads.’
    • ‘The thumping heartbeats ergo sailed past my ears.’
    • ‘His window is still wide open, the thumping bass comes tumbling out.’
    • ‘He gritted his teeth and willed his thumping heart to slow down.’
    • ‘Rose groaned as she heard someone repeatedly bang against her front door, the thumping pattern disturbing her dreamless sleep with a vengeance.’
    • ‘The wind whipped up and a loud thumping sound drowned out their voices.’
    • ‘Sleep was difficult, not least because of a thumping headache caused by another run-in with the boss.’
    • ‘The percussion adds a slick, hip and sometimes otherworldly sound to rock-solid, thumping drums.’
    • ‘It began with brass, drums and crashing cymbals, and it skipped into an irresistible beat that was borne along by a thumping tuba.’
    • ‘Heavy staccato beats punish thumping tracks by Joe, Destiny's Child, Ginuwine, Mack 10, Chante Moore, Non-A-Miss and Playa.’
    • ‘Scott had a thumping hip hop beat at my gig and there was a tune that kept playing, and you could see people raising their eyes.’
    • ‘It went very still, so that I could hear the echoes of the thumping rhythm still resounding in my ears.’
    • ‘She has been feeding quarters to the Wurlitzer jukebox all night, letting the Motown hits compete with the thumping dance music from the bar.’
    • ‘Oh God, I think I hear thumping noises from the other room.’
    • ‘We overhear a technical person say ‘That's a floor spin,’ and the thumping closing music starts.’
    • ‘Karmen hollered to Hailey above the thumping music.’
  • 2informal Of an impressive size, extent, or amount.

    ‘a thumping 64 percent majority’
    [as submodifier] ‘a thumping great lie’
    • ‘Congratulations Boris, I'm delighted you retained your seat with a thumping majority.’
    • ‘They had contributed in votes to Narendra Modi and were flush with his thumping victory.’
    • ‘It is a rarity among Washington-insider memoirs - it's a thumping good read.’
    • ‘Kate Winslet, the emphatically English rose of British cinema, is a trouper, a ruddy good sport, a thumping great head prefect of common sense and hockey-sticks jollity.’
    • ‘Well, I'm sure that the British forces are ‘doing a thumping good job’ - I'm less certain that there's any end in sight.’
    • ‘In one area, by the council's own admission, a thumping 70 per cent of homes are eschewing wheelie bins.’
    • ‘Richmond run machine Ben Griffiths plundered 184 runs to help his side to a thumping 117 run victory over Barnes on Saturday in Middlesex League Division One.’
    • ‘City fans' quest for glory in the Worthington Fives national five-a-side supporters' competition came to a thumping end in the quarter-finals.’
    • ‘Now I just feel like a thumping huge disappointment to myself.’
    • ‘Yet the evidence gathers each year like a thumping great storm cloud, complete with warning bolts of lightning.’
    • ‘The heck with dissonance, what's the German for ‘gigantic thumping irony?’’
    • ‘And to pretend otherwise is simply a loud, thumping, brazen LIE.’
    • ‘In 1997 the Conservative majority was a thumping 11,600.’
    • ‘The overwhelming majority of the population - a thumping 94 per cent - exchange presents.’
    • ‘But this year, when precisely the same measure came up for a required second vote, it was defeated by a thumping margin of 157 to 39.’
    • ‘Pat Stephenson's heroes became the first side to bring the Tetley's Bitter Vase to North Yorkshire with a thumping 36-20 triumph.’
    • ‘Data released last Friday on American non-farm payroll employment showed a thumping rise of 211,000 in March against expectations of a rise to 190,000.’
    • ‘It is significant that, while the portraits of the Laird's children were of a modest scale, costing only a guinea each, those of Big Alastair and the piper came in at a thumping five pounds.’
    • ‘The acquisition of LF Brian Giles does more than give the Padres a thumping lineup.’
    • ‘So, after all that, it's a thumping victory for good old Ceefax.’
    extremely, very, really, thoroughly, exceedingly, immensely, incredibly, amazingly, remarkably, exceptionally, uncommonly, extraordinarily, perfectly, truly, simply, positive, positively, downright
    terrifically, tremendously, seriously, majorly, dreadfully, terribly, awfully, fearfully, screamingly, thundering, right, ultra, mega, mucho, stonking, socking, oh-so, madly
    damn, damned, blasted, flaming, confoundedly, jolly, hellish, bloody, blooming, dead, well, dirty
    real, mighty, awful, powerful, way, bitching
    devilish, frightfully, dashed
    fucking, frigging
    exceeding, thrice
    enormous, huge, massive, vast, very great, tremendous, substantial, goodly, prodigious, gigantic, giant, terrific, fantastic, colossal, immense, mammoth, monumental, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, mountainous, monstrous
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