Definition of thumper in US English:



  • See thump

    • ‘He's not a table thumper; he is just a very straight, powerful negotiator.’
    • ‘IT'S A BASEBALL GIVEN THAT THE GUY who beats you with his glove takes a backseat to the hefty thumpers who put big numbers on the board.’
    • ‘‘Driving in Whiskey’ is a decent dancefloor thumper featuring vocals by Ellen Allien.’
    • ‘In all of these experiments, we presented periodic stimuli (thumps, simulated thumper sounds, and calls).’
    • ‘Teams looking for thumpers for the middle of their defenses won't find many of them in this draft.’
    • ‘The Rockies should be an interesting team because they abandoned their one-year experiment with singles hitters and piled up on thumpers, and they now have two solid front-line starters in Jason Jennings and Dennis Stark.’