Definition of thuja in US English:


(also thuya)


  • A North American and eastern Asian evergreen coniferous tree of a genus that includes the arbor vitaes.

    Genus Thuja, family Cupressaceae

    • ‘Thuja (arborvitaes) has three primary species; one from the eastern United States, one from northern China and another from the Pacific Northwest.’
    • ‘I have looked at Thuja and it seems to be the tree for me.’
    • ‘The Arboretum contains four hundred species of tree and shrub including walnut, beech, cedar, giant thuya, cypress and cork oak.’
    • ‘The herbs blue flag root, thuja leaf and burdock root are good for reducing goiter (enlargement of the thyroid gland).’
    • ‘A few years ago I killed the only Thuja I ever had.’


Modern Latin (genus name), from Greek thuia, denoting an African tree formerly included in the genus.