Definition of thuja in US English:


(also thuya)


  • A North American and eastern Asian evergreen coniferous tree of a genus that includes the arbor vitaes.

    Genus Thuja, family Cupressaceae

    • ‘A few years ago I killed the only Thuja I ever had.’
    • ‘I have looked at Thuja and it seems to be the tree for me.’
    • ‘The Arboretum contains four hundred species of tree and shrub including walnut, beech, cedar, giant thuya, cypress and cork oak.’
    • ‘The herbs blue flag root, thuja leaf and burdock root are good for reducing goiter (enlargement of the thyroid gland).’
    • ‘Thuja (arborvitaes) has three primary species; one from the eastern United States, one from northern China and another from the Pacific Northwest.’


Modern Latin (genus name), from Greek thuia, denoting an African tree formerly included in the genus.