Definition of thrusting in US English:



  • 1The motion of pushing or lunging suddenly or violently.

    1. 1.1Geology The pushing upward of the earth's crust.


  • 1Aggressively ambitious.

    ‘thrusting entrepreneurs’
    • ‘South Cumbrian dairy farmers are young, thrusting and ambitious, according to a new survey that flies in the face of gloomy industry forecasts.’
    • ‘Yet the notion of the thrusting career woman, starkly contrasted to the selfless home-maker, lurks unhelpfully in the background.’
    • ‘Revered, exclusive, high-end fashion names are increasingly joining forces with huge, thrusting sportswear corporations.’
    • ‘To solve the growing problems, the thrusting entrepreneurs who run the strategic rail authority, a wholly appointed quango, had a momentous idea.’
    • ‘My school was a thrusting hothouse of academic achievement.’
    • ‘It's this dilatory, not-at-all thrusting progress that always makes me wonder where passengers on the North London Line are actually going.’
    • ‘Set in the 1980s, the story follows the rite of passage of Nick Guest, a young gay aesthete from the provinces who finds himself adopted, after a fashion, by a grand Notting Hill family led by a thrusting Tory MP.’
    • ‘It is a world of antique privilege about to be replaced by a thrusting business ethic.’
    • ‘He has since played thrusting lawyers, a cuckolded husband, a dysfunctional builder, cops and numerous romantic leads in a dizzying number of TV series and one-offs.’
    • ‘It's not the only thing which marks him out from the other thrusting young males on the country scene.’
    • ‘The thrusting government has also entered an investment programme of £42 billion in its priority licks of health and education.’
    • ‘It is not exactly the thrusting activists who even get to conference.’
    • ‘He has become central to Pearce's thrusting team.’
    • ‘What are a few entirely avoidable catastrophes to a thrusting modern economy?’
    • ‘Still, being retired means he's got time to lay about being stiff, whereas I am a thrusting executive professional who can't afford to be in less than 100% shape.’
    • ‘You come from a political culture wedded to the short-term, to an initiative a month, all of them tied to the careers of thrusting ministers desperate to make their mark.’
    • ‘These are the very men who, in the thrusting 1980s and 1990s, were putting in all the hours God sent to boost their bonus packages and earn that glass-fronted office on the 10th floor.’
    • ‘If you were, you may have seen a thrusting City type in his mid-thirties, the worse for wear after an office party, running for a taxi.’
    aggressive, ambitious, assertive, pushy, pushing, insistent, forceful, forward, energetic, determined, driven, obtrusive, bold, brash
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  • 2(of an object or part of the body) projecting in a conspicuous way.

    ‘a thrusting jaw’
    • ‘His lanky build and a thrusting nose made her think of a pickaxe.’
    • ‘Before he opens his thrusting lips he should lift his thirsting soul to God so that he may utter what he has drunk in.’
    • ‘The stage was set for an uninhibited six-foot Australian who strode into view with a thrusting jaw, high cheekbones, and trendy designer costumes.’
    • ‘Other early examples demonstrate the full range of masculine features, with thrusting forehead, strongly marked cheekbones, and sharply protruding eyelids.’