Definition of thrusting in English:



  • 1The motion of pushing or lunging suddenly or violently.

    • ‘During intercourse the effect of repeated thrusting would be to draw out and displace foreign semen away from the cervix.’
    • ‘Having recovered from the headbutt, it was followed up by an immediate thrusting of the defendant's hand into his face.’
    • ‘You know where he makes that pelvic thrusting gesture and starts yelling ‘can you feel that?’’
    • ‘There's body shaking, there's thrusting of guitars, there's the knocking over of mic stands, as the band act like a musical hurricane.’
    • ‘That's not to say that there isn't room for a bit of dynamism and forward thrusting.’
    • ‘His muscles were much softer and his involuntary limb thrusting was reduced by about 50%.’
    • ‘Between the thrusting of bridal hair magazines into my hands and the popping out for a quick fag, she left the colouring concoction on my hair too long.’
    • ‘Gerrard has a rare ability to damage opponents with a single, thrusting manoeuvre.’
    • ‘A klaxon sounds like a fog horn, and I am swept forward in a torrent of thrusting limbs.’
    • ‘In Taoist sexual tradition, much emphasis is also placed on different types of penile thrusting during intercourse.’
    1. 1.1Geology The pushing upward of the earth's crust.
      • ‘This has resulted in folding and thrusting of the Indian crust in the Himalayas and southern Tibet.’
      • ‘In many cases, this foliation formed during thrusting of the nappes onto each other.’
      • ‘Silurian folding and thrusting, associated with sinistral strike-slip, produced foreland basins in the western Appalachians.’
      • ‘Morphology and hinge orientations indicate south-directed thrusting with components of sinistral or dextral along-strike displacement.’
      • ‘The mylonites arc banded and in thin section contain asymmetric fabrics suggesting northward thrusting.’
      • ‘Sediment was derived from uplift and thrusting of the Sevier orogenic belt.’
      • ‘Thereafter, new thrusting, together with reactivation of older faults, led to inversion of the Mesozoic basins.’