Definition of thrust stage in US English:

thrust stage


  • A stage that extends into the auditorium so that the audience is seated around three sides.

    • ‘There the far wall of the courtyard had been rebuilt, forming a thrust stage covered by a peaked wooden roof.’
    • ‘Blow off the dust, add a thrust stage and roll in bistro-style seating.’
    • ‘His neighbour settles into her amply cushioned seat, and then examines the coir matting under her toes, and the overhead ventilator pipes, the thrust stage for superior audience-actor interaction.’
    • ‘The thrust stage of the Dr. Betty Mitchell Theatre will be ringed with turf.’
    • ‘The Swan has a thrust stage suitable for simplified staging, which the show retained in its shift to London, although the Haymarket is one of London's wonderful old proscenium houses.’
    • ‘Currently the home of the Pittsburgh Public Theater, the space features a thrust stage.’
    • ‘Another podium hidden in the top stair raises up so the more prominent speakers can address the crowd from a thrust stage.’
    • ‘That's what's so great about being in the Maclab thrust stage: the audience feels like they're right there.’
    • ‘Being so close to the audience, we want to capitalize on the intimacy of the thrust stage, but it requires us to be clear, specific and grounded.’
    • ‘The opera house now features a thrust stage, a fly space, new rigging, and an orchestra pit for forty musicians.’
    • ‘The closeness of the audience to the thrust stage creates a claustrophobic environment - similar to the one described aboard the Batavia.’
    • ‘The thrust stage had many actors' backs to the audience at different moments.’
    • ‘It is the deep red of the empty thrust stage that greets the audience as they enter the Royal Shakespeare Company's mobile auditorium for this production of Coriolanus on tour.’


thrust stage

/ˈTHrəst ˌstāj/